C3R 012
$14.00 CAD
Released September 1st, 2007

This release is the product of a fantastic collaboration between German trumpeteer Axel Dörner and Argentinian percussionist Diego Chamy.

Dörner, winner of the 2006 SWR-Jazzpreis, contributes soft but intense trumpet textures while Chamy produces unearthly tones with a variety of objects on the head of his bass drum, while reciting an evocative text. The results are beautiful, subtle, and absolutely mesmerizing.

Maximum volume is definitely recommended.

01 - What matters to Ali -45:37 ---listen-

The C3R label more and more focusses on improvised and semi-classical music [...] First of all there is the all important improvised music innovator Axel Dörner, whose trumpet playing occasionally has nothing to do with a trumpet. Here he teams up with Diego Chamy, an Argentinian percussion player, who wrote a text, which he recites. I *think* this is in the beginning of the CD, since there is a voice there. Good to see it in print too on the cover as it would be hard to understand. The majority of the disc however is filled with Dörner playing his trumpet, and this time in a somewhat more accessible and recognizable vein than his recent work and Chamy playing with objects on his bass drum. Soft and subtle as was to expect, but it has some great music and unexpected sounds - sounds which are hard to trace back to the origins of either instrument. Maybe also Dörner plays his instrument with objects, which add a whole new layer to the music. One piece, forty five minutes of sheer silence, sheer noise and sheer delight.

- Frans DeWaard, Vital Weekly 597











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