C3R 010
$14.00 CAD
Released March 15th, 2007

The ambient side of Canadian harsh noise master KNURL (Alan Bloor), this disc is a subtle, nuanced, and warm collection of reverb-drenched improvisations for a steel sculpture made by Bloor himself. Perfect for lonely evenings of contemplation, or as mood music in your isolation chamber.

Booklet features photography of steel instruments by Bloor, with text by Aidan Baker.

1. To Emphasize The Systematic Notion (7:29)
2. Insist With Either More Or Less Reason (10:03)
3. Present In Some Utterances (5:25) -<<- listen
4. Accompanied By A Restricting Urge (8:59)
5. Peculiar To Certain Spheres Of Activity (5:58)
6. As Is Done At The Sixth Sense (4:09) -<<- listen

Total Time: 41:50

Reviews :

Over the course of several fascinating albums, Alan Bloor - armed with his arsenal of scary-looking percussives - has steadily grown into a name to be attentively considered when talking about the entrancing effects of long reverberation and impressive rumble of metals on the psyche. [...]

- Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes
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[...] As is the case with Knurl, the expression of Pholde has a heavy weight put on concrete sounds. Alan Bloor once said: "I find the metal instrument must contain different tensile strengths to achieve a complexity of sound. The way it is played and the objects that are used to play the instrument also play a vital role in achieving the desired sound. " It is certain that the artist knows how to process and manipulate his source materials with the result of sending the listener into a dark world featuring everything from abstract noises of musique concrete to the interesting sounds of concrete metal-based music. "Finding internal asylum" - as the title of the album reveals the six works of the album operates in spheres of an introvert character meant to dive into with all senses focused on the music. The result is extremely addictive, but do not expect any jolly tune that you can whistle while you work afterwards

- Frans DeWaard, Vital Weekly

















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