C3R 008
$14.00 CAD
Released July 25th, 2006

This is the first album from Michael Evans and Jeff Arnal, a duo of amazing percussionists from the NYC improv scene. Over the course of fourteen tracks, Evans and Arnal display their skill as players and their intuition as improvisers. Such movement! Such vivacity! We're not snowing ya -- this is a fantastic record that you'll want to hear again and again!

Track List:
1. hand me down -<< -listen
2. fear active -<< -listen
3. revivify -<< -listen
4. two hats are better than one
5. transvection
6. west shokan slumber
7. labrador labyrinth
8. snafu
9. a peculiar presentiment
10. opening
11. with a hint of...
12. a maze of transparencies
13. drifting w-peer
14. treeman suite

Reviews :

Eschewing bombast and grandstanding, percussionists Michael Evans and Jeff Arnal are sympathetically matched in their sensiblities, creating settings that are not lacking for traditional melodics and harmonics because they fully understand the musical reach of their drums. Born of improvisation sessions, the diversity on these fourteen pieces is striking. A full album experience has been created by smartly sequencing the pieces to create a dramatic arc that celebrates warmth, surprise and adventure. [...] Two drummers create one full and balanced meal.

-David Greenberger, Signal To Noise (December 2006)

[...] This music is an experience of gestural freedom that we can elaborate over or simply enjoy as it is, conscious of the fact that we’re in front of serious artistic value from every point of view. Structures and functions subside to unpredictable sketches, colours and timbral weights, the whole continuously shifting in total absence of complications - even if this is far from being an easy listen. Everything that Evans and Arnal play seems to be in logical correlation, whatever the form. Very, very nice.

- Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes























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