“The effect of the added grittier instrumentation, whilst potentially formulaic on paper, is unexpectedly and surprisingly unique. It makes the songs meander and spiral, start and stop, grit then sigh, instilling her originally introverted nylon guitar songs a gaveling sense of authority. It sounds like what you’d imagine the kids of PJ Harvey and Beat Happening might produce.” Noisey

Dorothea, a guitarist and classically-trained vocalist, creates songs with contemplative lyrics and undone instrumentations that never stand still. The lilt in her vocal tone is comforting and familiar, while her songwriting and arrangement take an exploratory approach to rock and folk sounds. Her intricate, thoughtful and heavy songs explore intimacy, anxiety, the body and beyond. Since the start of this year, Dorothea, drummer Mark Streeter (Try Harder) and newly-added members Kritty Uranowski (Patti Cake) and Paul Saulnier (PS I Love You) have been focusing on writing and arranging new material, honing in on tighter and more nuanced arrangements.