Inflatable Deities is the collaborative duo, Jessica Mensch and Emily Pelstring. The two have been working together since 2009. In their collaborative work, monolithic concepts such as representation and narrative are tested through multimodal storytelling methods and experimental aesthetics. Their projects are expanded fictions; they take form as videos, live performances, and multimedia installations. Together, they create nightmarish worlds centered on a cast of characters that have been developed through improvisation and the assemblage of costume pieces and props. Their body of surrealist fiction continuously evolves as characters morph and reappear across multiple works. Whether in the form of a sculptural installation or a live multimedia dance spectacle, their stories rely on dysfunctional diegetic systems in which objects, characters, and historical time periods overlap in paradoxical ways. The devices of feminist irony, satire, and camp are used to reinforce a critical perspective, mocking exclusionary, hierarchical social systems, and highlighting the role that artifice plays in traditional modes of representation.