VERSA is an audio/visual collaboration between artist Monika Hauck and musician Alex Ricci. Surreal and shimmering, VERSAperformances capture eyes and ears with powerful instrumental music and immersive live projections. Sonically, Ricci’s psychedelic bass guitar leads feature in expansive, layered soundscapes. Visually, Hauck uses cymatics to illustrate the physical vibrations of sound. Low frequencies from Ricci’s bass are passed through a subwoofer into a liquid bath. This creates an undulating motion in the liquid, into which Hauck drops coloured ink, and projects for the audience to see. In performance the collective is reinforced by Will Vandermey’s appropriately outrageous drumming, Danny B’s spurtive saxophone, and atmospheric synth by Todd Harrison. VERSA has performed at numerous Canadian music and arts events including Hillside Festival, Hold Fast Contemporary Art Festival, Kazoo! Fest, Night\\Shift Place-Hacking Festival, Wavelength Music Festival, and Nuit Blanche Ottawa/Gatineau.