The grandson to the founder of the Association of Professional Record Players, Choozey Dollarbin$z began bouncing sound collages to tape at age twelve. Fifteen years as a drummer and multi-instrumentalist with sludge metal, free improv and pop music acts alike have done anything but refine his appetite for eclecticism. Facilitating live alchemy anywhere within the Bermuda triangle of Montreal, Hamilton and Toronto, his sets reflect the esoteric excavation that is his practice of crate digging as divination. As likely to be caught mixing Foreigner out of Underground Resistance as he is slow jams and drum n bass, a Choozey party is a corridor of portals to innumerable dance music dimensions. The skeleton key is the infectious energy he brings to both sides of the turntables. Choozey’s immersive DJing style requires we all get a little lost before we find our place in the sound.