Festival of Modern Music and Irritainment
Meaford, Ontario, Canada
Friday, August 4th to Sunday, August 6th, 2006

Installations from June 9th - August 7th, 2006

Jimmy Green

has produced varied creations, including mechanisms which record and play back three-dimensional phenomena thru time.  He is a regular participant in the Annual Sumo Robot Challenge with his robot 'E is for Epsilon'. His works usually ricochet between emotional future-shock overtures and would be toaster-like commodities.

Peter Venuto
is a musician and contextual interloper who operates under the ever-present spiritual guidance of Freddie Mercury and Nikola Tesla. The fruits of his musical labour include the damaged psych-pop nouveau of Slurp (distributed by Dutch East India), the hyper-melodic disturbances of Elanvitale, the apocryphal perfect pop of Adam 8, and the electro-rock innervisions of Very Venuto.

Sometime in 2004, in an effort to generate a virtual band, Venuto crossed a trashcan lid with Las Vegas and came up with the trashlites (www.trashlites.com). In fall 2005, in collaboration with Jimmy Green, he merged the concept of an electric fan with a windmill (in Vegas) and thusly co-visioned the Electric Rainbow Machine, which will be featured in this year's festival.