Festival of Modern Music and Irritainment
Meaford, Ontario, Canada
Friday, August 3rd to Sunday, August 5th, 2007
Installations from June 1st - August 5th, 2007


Since the early 1970’s, Charlie Fox has worked as an artist, exhibiting - nationally and abroad – audio art, experimental films, video art and multimedia installation. Directly involved in the growth of the media arts in Canada, he has been integral to the founding of media arts centres in Guelph and Calgary. Currently, Charlie Fox is an Associate Professor in the Department of Media Production and Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Regina.

MetaLav is a composition of sound recordings from the cavernous spaces of world-renowned tourist locations in and around Paris, France. Crowds are heard moving through the galleries of The Louvre, intent on viewing the Mona Lisa and other artistic treasures, meandering in groups through the vast rooms, long halls, chapel and opera hall of Versailles, and wandering under the Gothic canopies of Sainte- Chapelle and Notre Dame. Positioning the sounds of tourist commerce within a more intimate public setting, MetaLav brings large, elaborate acoustic signatures into the everyday, small interior space of the restaurant washroom for aural contemplation.