C3R 013
$14.00 CAD
Released July 1st, 2007

This disc is a fabulous duo recording by Aaron Dugan and Jeff Arnal, two of New York City's finest improvisors. Dugan (also of Matisyahu) sows seeds of discord with some rough-hewn guitar madness while Arnal drives them into the ground with deft but heavy kit work. This duo has fantastic chemistry and delivers a high-energy performance.

1. Pyrene
2. Trickum Shoals - <<- listen
3. Pisco
4. Flutter Code
5. Lenora
6. Magic Hour
7. APP - << -listen
8. Dead in the Water
9. Collision
10. Lisboa
11. Last Legs
12. Allenby
13. Paz
14. Patch of Yellow and Blue


-- Aaron Dugan and Jeff Arnal have been actively collaborating since 2003. The culmination of this work can now be heard on their first CD Dog Day, released in July 2007 by the eclectic visionaries at C3R Records in Ontario, Canada. Dog Day is a tour de force that is dynamically and stylistically diverse. The duo streams sound from musical memories - the blues, Webern, Go-Go, free jazz, squeaky wheels and middle school dances. Enjoy!


"This duo is hooked up! There is strong balance and powerful flow of ideas back and forth. Free rock/jazz?!? No matter what you might call it, these cats are listening and responding quickly and tightly. [...] Quite a successful pairing of their talents and often an unexpected delight."

-- BLG, Downtown Music Gallery, NYC


"Dog Day," recorded in December of 2006 and released on C3R records, a small Canadian label founded in 2002, presents yet another successful effort to divert from the usual avant-garde approaches to jazz guitar, which had for years, with the exception of free funk, been confined to either the noise-improv style of Derek Bailey or the moderately "out" sound of a John Abercrombie type player. [...]

-- Mike Szajewski, WNUR, Chicago


"Jeff Arnal is one of the premier improvising drummer/percussionists on the globe. With this newly issued outing, he teams with Philadelphia-reared guitarist Aaron Dugan for some zealous episodes containing fun, frolic and masterful invention. They extend the probabilities of standard duo fare via highly rhythmic jaunts and counterbalancing dialogues. [...]

-- Glenn Astarita,


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